Specialist Shredding

Document & Data Shred Ltd is available to both end users and trade contractors who already have collection facilities but are keen to add secure destruction as a bolt-on. Backed by over 54 years of recycling experience, committed to delivering client satisfaction and focused on working to ISO and BSIA standards, Document & Data Shred is the name you can trust for your secure destruction needs.

What differentiates us from many of our competitors is that we provide a genuine end-to-end solution, with Document & Data Shred Ltd responsible for bags and bin supply, collections, shredding and baling. This eliminates any risks associated with transhipment between contractors, where materials can be spilled or lost; it removes the need to vet multiple suppliers; and it allows us to deliver our services very cost-effectively.

Our equipment configuration means that we can safely and securely offer a destruction service for counterfeit and substandard goods.

Our vehicles are also fitted with the latest software so that we can monitor their progress during the day, enhancing the level of security we can provide you. We can divert them if the traffic is slow or stopped ensuring their fuel use is minimised to keep them moving, thereby meeting your deadlines and providing the fastest, secure, green and efficient service.