Case Studies

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Document and Data Shred, Elsa Recycling Group


As one of the UK’s largest insurance groups our client wanted to ensure that they adhere to all data protection laws and that their secure documentation and data was destroyed in line with legislation. As a responsible organisation they also want to ensure that their environmental ethics were also looked after. Therefore there was a requirement to remove and recycle their non-secure document waste, all of their plastic waste (such as bottles and drinks cups) and any metal drinks cans. Employing over 1100 people the organisation has a substantial need for recycling services and wanted to make the task as hassle free as possible to ensure that the procedures were adhered to.


We designed a solution which allows the group to use 48 of our 240ltr locking containers(for secure shredding documents), 36 of which sit in individual offices with 12 remaining in storage. Once a container is full it is replaced by one of the 12 in storage until all 12 storage containers are full. The 12 are then collected by a completely secure Elsa Secure Shredding vehicle and taken directly to our state of the art facility for destruction. The material is then taken to our recovered paper facility for recycling.

In addition to this we provide a 35yard roll off container which sits outside the building for all non-secure paper based waste. This is collected on a regular basis and taken to the recovered paper facility where it is baled and recycled.

Finally we have also installed the 1000 litre containers for collection of plastic bottles and cups, thanks to the way we recycle plastic products there is no requirement for the removal of labels or grading of plastics, we simply take it away and recycle. The same size containers are also used for metal can recycling.

Currently we make a weekly collection to this company and recycle over 1000 tonnes of waste each year for them. Because we provide a simple and cost effective solution we are helping them to meet their commitments and help the environment.

Elsa offer us an excellent service, secure and environmentally sound. They developed a solution based on our needs and are always available to ensure that we deliver on our commitment to our customers and the environment.

Facilities Department:

NB: Client details have been ommited for security reasons. We can provide a full set of professional references for our recycling (paper and plastic) and secure shredding services on request.