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Plastic recycling Manchester is carried out by the specialist division at Elsa Recycling Group; your leading experts in the collection, handling and recycling of all types of plastic recycling in Manchester and beyond. In addition, Elsa also specialise in the paper recycle and waste paper sectors.

Utilising their vast experience, they offer businesses a cost effective solution to recycling needs that meets and exceeds expectation. With strong ties in the UK, Europe and Far East, their recycling service supplies these markets on a regular basis. Working closely with the client, Elsa Recycling will identify the correct course of action for your recycling needs. To book a plastic recycling Manchester, paper recycle or waste paper service, call now on 0161 432 3984.

As experts in the collection, sorting and grading of recovered paper, we aim to help or customers effectively process their recovered paper. We currently recycle over 700 tonnes per week of paper supplying mills in the UK, Europe and the Far East. With a strong environmental ethics we are committed to providing a service which allows our customers

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