Recycling Plastic in Broadheath is an Ethical Practise

Recycling Plastic in Broadheath The most environmentally conscious companies today are involved in recycling plastic in Broadheath. The impact of plastic waste on the environment is overwhelming. Reports show that plastic materials take between 20 and 500 years to decompose, yet most people use plastic water or soda bottles for less than 20 minutes. When you consider that it will take the earth at least two decades to eliminate the waste you generate in 20 minutes, you will begin to understand the value of recycling plastics. The UK produces over 3 million tons of plastic waste and only recycles a small percentage. You can stop contributing to landfill and ocean pollution by working with an established plastic waste recycling company.

We have been successfully recycling plastic waste for over a decade. In Broadheath, recycling plastic requires passionate dedication. Acquiring the equipment and certifications necessary to recycle, and export plastic waste is daunting. Yet, fortunately, you don’t need to go through these processes because we already have. We are an accredited plastic waste recycling company and can supply our customers with Packaging Waste Export Recovery Notes or PERN’s. A PERN is a tradeable certificate for recording and identifying packaging waste material received for recycling or recovery. PERNs prove that a company is fulfilling its recycling obligations. We work with plastic re-processors in the Far East to ensure our plastic waste recycling services are cost-effective and ethical.

When recycling plastic in Broadheath, our vast equipment, infrastructure, and experience can prove invaluable. We can handle most grades of soft to hard plastic, whether contaminated or uncontaminated. We have the capacity to collect and manage any volume of plastic waste, from small-scale mixed plastics to fully baled industrial plastics. We provide a comprehensive service from collection and sorting to completion. Contact Elsa Recycling Ltd today for your plastic recycling needs. We can separate recyclable plastics from waste packaging and other materials and produce quality high-density bales of recycled plastic. Our clients range from individuals and domestic residences to local authorities and large scale manufacturers.