Material Handling in Pendlebury – for Efficient and Smooth Recycling

Material Handling in Pendlebury For greater efficiency and smoother recycling of waste, choose our top quality material handling in Pendlebury. With more than half a century’s experience in this sector, we are perfectly equipped for this process. Currently we handle more than 700 tonnes of waste paper per week. This paper supplies recycling facilities across  Europe, the Far East and the UK. Our aim is to partner customers in their efforts to reduce the impact of toxins and waste in the environment. We work with both domestic and commercial clients. No matter how large or small the quantity of material, we are glad to be of help. If yours is a large clearance, we provide a 35 cubic yard roll on-off container that can hold more than 10 tonnes. This is a great solution for companies that generate huge volumes of waste paper.

For our customers in Pendlebury, our material handling facilities include sale of baling machines. You can also lease these machines for between 3 and 5 years. This is a good solution for companies that produce large quantities of plastic waste. If it is cardboard waste that your company generates, we provide cardboard compactors that can be located on your site. Our other products include containers for paper waste in volumes ranging from 600 litre containers for small quantities of loose paper, to 1000 litre wheeled containers and 1400 litre containers for larger quantities. Our team can help you to select the right container for your unique requirements. Using our materials handling system helps your company to function more efficiently. You can free up space that would otherwise be cluttered with loose paper, giving it an untidy and disorganised look.

Material handling in Pendlebury is the best way to destroy unnecessary documents. Today, data and identity theft are a huge concern. You may have documents, bills, receipts, mails and other papers that contain personal and confidential information. These can easily be used by criminals to steal money and commit frauds. You could be held liable for breach of confidentiality.  Contact Elsa Recycling Ltd right away for more details about our material handling services. Our team can give you the right inputs to protect yourself and the environment.