Paper Recycling in Marple – Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Paper Recycling in Marple You can find out more about paper recycling in Marple when you speak to our experts. Scrap paper makes up more than 30% of the solid waste in municipal waste collections. It is one of the most recoverable products, and many companies are now reverting to limited paper usage or putting effective paper recycling processes in place. Many companies are now using digital storage methods for their archives. Unfortunately, there are still many instances where paper is being used, and not being recycled. If your business has a large amount of paper that is unused, we are available to assist with recycling it.

For all businesses in Marple, paper recycling is the right thing to do. We offer a range of professional services, including document shredding. Our expert team takes care to recycle all the paper that we shred. After it has been shredded, the paper is recycled into other usable products. So, you are effectively destroyed confidential information, ensuring you are conscientious towards the environment, and playing a role in productive paper recycling. We are proud of our enviable reputation for providing bespoke paper recycling solutions. Hence, we will collect your wastepaper, sort it and grade it. Thereafter, we will recycle it. We have many years of experience in the paper, cardboard and plastic waste recycling field.

We can assist with effective paper recycling in Marple for your business. We offer a free, no-obligation site visit to determine your company’s exact recycling needs.  Once this is determined, we will work with you to create the most suitable recycling solution. We are happy to provide our collection services, regardless of the amount of paper waste your business generates. If you would like more information about how we can assist you, contact Elsa Recycling today. We have established excellent relationships with The Road haulage Association (RHA), The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and The Independent Waste Paper Processors Association (IWPPA).