Choose Expert Recycling in Handforth for Your Business

Recycling in Handforth According to the Environmental Protection Agency, one tonne of paper recycling in Handforth saves 17 trees and more than 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. This is an impressive amount. However, there are still businesses that do not understand the necessity of recycling. Paper is not the only product that a business can recycle. Glass, cardboard, and plastic are also products that should be recycled. Each business produces waste products. This could be paper from files that are no longer in use. It could also be excess packaging including cardboard and plastic. To ensure you do your bit for the environment, speak to a professional company to assist with recycling.

We are available to assist any size of business. Thus, in Handforth, recycling is the responsible thing to do – regardless of the size of your business. We are experts in the collection, sorting and grading of recovered and waste paper. Hence, we aim to help our customers process their paper waste in an environmentally friendly way. We currently recycle over 700 tonnes per week of paper, and supply mills in the UK, Europe, as well as the Far East. We can begin by paying your business a visit to determine your recycling needs. Thus, we can provide containers specific to the recycling product. Once these are full, our expert team can collect the contents from you.

Recycling in Handforth is straightforward when you use our expert services. We offer cost-effective prices and provide a comprehensive collection service for your waste materials. Furthermore, our aim is to provide a hassle-free solution for your recycling needs. For more details on how we can assist your business with your recycling needs, contact Elsa Recycling today. Our experts can tailor a service to meet your business needs. When we collect waste paper from you, we will securely destroy and dispose of them at our purpose-built facility. In addition, all your destroyed documents are recycled back into paper products. You can trust that our methods are completely secure. Moreover, we’ll provide a certificate of destruction as your evidence of correct disposal.