Plastic Recycling in Eccles – Do Your Bit for the Environment

Plastic Recycling in Eccles Plastic recycling in Eccles is a subject that most people can comment on. The amount of plastic that is finding its way to landfills and the ocean is rather high. This is unfortunate as most of the plastic can be recycled.  The UK currently produces around 3 million tonnes of plastic waste most of which ends up in a landfill site. The only way to stop the landfill sites from being over full of plastic is to recycle it.  The same applies to our oceans. For over a decade, we have been recycling plastic. As such, we have built a logistics network and infrastructure to handle all types of plastic waste.

There are many reasons to recycle, especially plastic. Thus, in Eccles, plastic recycling will lower your carbon footprint. Furthermore, you’ll be able to discard the unwanted plastic correctly and efficiently. We handle most grades of soft and hard plastic, contaminated and uncontaminated plastic. In addition, we will arrange a convenient collection for you. Whatever your plastic waste requirements, we can handle it. As such, our expertise ranges from small scale mixed plastics to fully baled industrial plastics. We handle everything from collection to sorting. Hence, we work with our customers to ensure a smooth and convenient transfer of waste. We can provide recycling bins at your premises, or we can arrange for a regular collection of bales.

Recycling plastic in Eccles is the right thing to do. Businesses appreciate an efficient and responsible service to assist with their plastic recycling needs. In addition, businesses are becoming aware of the fact that discarded plastic waste can last a lifetime without decomposing. Contact Elsa Recycling today to have us collect all your plastic waste and recycle it into something that can be re-used. All plastic can be recycled but as there are many different types and grades of plastic, recycling is done carefully and thoroughly. You can do your bit for the environment. Use our expert services for a smooth process.