Paper Waste Collection in Eccles, Reliable, Efficient and Compliant

Paper Waste Collection in EcclesAre you looking for reliable paper waste collection in Eccles? We tick all the right boxes. Our services are reliable, affordable and in compliance with the current regulations.  We offer efficient paper, cardboard and plastic waste collection across the North West. Our paper recycling expertise has been built over the last fifty years. We provide fully customised solutions for recycling, collecting, sorting and grading paper waste. Our paper waste is recycled and distributed across the UK, Europe and the Far East. You can rely on a completely hassle-free service from us. Studies show that worldwide 95 million tonnes of paper are recovered every year, and made into paper and paper-board.

For many businesses and private individuals in Eccles, paper waste collection is important. It can be a problem because paper waste is generated through junk mail, billing, packaging, printing errors, confidential documents, bank statements, medical reports, pharmacy prescriptions, envelopes, cardboard cartons, corrugated cardboard sheets and more. Homeowners and small business owners may invest in small shredders. However, this could be counterproductive to recycling because some of these domestic shredders cut the paper too fine for recycling. Some local councils don’t accept home-shredded paper waste because it can jam the recycling machinery. It can also blow away easily if it’s being transported in an open vehicle. This causes the problem of littering.

Paper waste collection in Eccles helps to conserve the environment and forests. Nearly 40% of traded wood is set aside for the paper industry. Recycling helps to re-purpose and re-use paper waste that would otherwise go into landfills. All paper cannot be recycled. If paper is coated with wax, foil or plastic, it can’t be easily recycled. Typically, you can offer brown paper, parcel paper, cardboard, catalogues, photocopy paper, leaflets and magazines, newspapers and telephone directories for recycling. Get in touch with Elsa Recycling Ltd for more information on our services. We have working relationships with prestigious associations that help us in our work. The Road Haulage Association, British Security Industry Association, and the Independent Waste Paper Processors Association are some of these. These trade associations help us to maintain our high standards.