Recycling Plastic in St Helens – Do Your Part for Our Environment

Recycling Plastic in St Helens Recycling plastic in St Helens is as important as recycling paper and cardboard. Plastic is in a huge amount of products that we use every day. While it is a versatile and useful product, it is not bio-degradable. Plastic takes several decades to degrade sufficiently to be reused again. Furthermore, plastic waste is found in our oceans, in landfills, and polluting our environment. Recycling and reusing plastic is necessary. It can help reduce the strain on our world’s natural resources. When plastic is recycled, the amount of non-renewable energy used in the manufacture of plastic is significantly reduced. It is likely that your business has large amounts of plastic waste that needs to be disposed of.

Our experts are available to assist. Thus, in St Helens, recycling plastic at your business is a responsible and ethical thing to do. Instead of discarding the plastic waste in the rubbish bins, you can speak to a professional recycling company. Currently, the UK produces roughly 3 million tonnes of plastic waste, most of which will end up in a landfill. The effects of this are huge and the best way to help manage it is to properly recycle your plastic. Our expert team has been recycling plastics for over a decade. As such, we have the infrastructure and methods to ensure your plastic waste is ethically recycled. We can handle most grades of soft and hard plastic. In addition, we can arrange for a convenient collection of your business’ plastic waste.

Plastic recycling in St Helens begins with a call to our team to determine your exact needs. We can supply recycling bins so that your employees can ensure that the plastic is stored in one place. There is no need to sort the plastic as we can provide this service. Furthermore, we’ll collect the plastic waste from your business at a time that suits you best. For more details on how we can assist you with your plastic recycling needs, contact Elsa Recycling today. In addition, as we are an accredited plastic recycler, we can provide PERNs to your business ensuring that you meet your recycling obligations.