Waste Management in St Helens – Cost Effective, Reliable and Professional

Waste Management in St Helens Looking for cost-effective, reliable paper waste management in St Helens? We tick all the right boxes. We have many years’ experience in this sector. Our company offers the full range of recycling solutions, right from storage and collection to transportation and disposal. We provide personalised solutions to align with your own unique requirements. No matter how large or small the quantity, and whether it’s a one-off collection, or regular need, we’re glad to be of help. We work with reputed mills and organisations across the UK, Far East and Europe to re-purpose waste paper. This helps to conserve forests and prevent cutting more trees to manufacture paper.

For businesses in St Helens, waste management, collection and recycling must be correctly done. Many clients feel that a home shredder is just as useful to dispose of paper. While this is true in terms of destroying the paper, it may make it unsuitable for recycling. Some shredders may make the fibres too fine and weak to recycle. They could jam the recycling machinery. Smaller shreds may blow away while being transported. Professional shredding companies can ensure that waste paper and cardboard are correctly processed. Your local council can point you in the right direction. Some councils have restrictions about using shredded paper as garden compost. The alternative is to entrust all your waste paper to our professionally managed firm. We have the necessary equipment and technical expertise.

Paper waste management in St Helens is useful to create end products such as toilet tissue and paper napkins. Paper can be recycled at least five to seven times, but its quality reduces every time. When the fibres get too short for recycling, it can be made into products such as egg boxes or cartons. Contact Elsa Recycling for more information. We have the right facilities and machinery to process most kinds of paper waste.  All paper cannot be recycled. If it has a wax coating or laminate, plastic or foil coating, such paper is unsuitable for recycling. Paper that has food stains and materials or paint is also unsuitable.