Material Handling in Tameside

Material Handling in TamesideGet the right service for material handling in Tameside when you want to ensure a perfect end to end solutions for recycling. With a nearly 250,000 population, Tameside is a metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester. The Local Authority is responsible for household waste collection. Citizens are well aware of the need for responsible environmental practices, since it protects the environment and protects vital services. Hence there are several private companies that provide recycling services in Tameside. We specialise in recycling paper and card based waste. The company has a long history of more than half a century of providing such services in the region and is currently being run by the third generation of the family.

Handling waste materials requires special vehicles and techniques. In Tameside, material handling by us is conducted using special containers. The 35CU YD Container is a roll-off container that can hold more than 10 tonnes of waste and is the perfect solution for organizations that produce large amounts of loose waste paper. Companies that produce large amounts of paper or card-based waste can use a baling machine that reduces cut or shredded paper into compact bales that are easy to store and transport. These machines can also be used to compact plastic. Elsa Recycling offers outright purchase of these machines or they can be leased at attractive rates.

Companies that generate large amounts of cardboard waste can use our services for material handling in Tameside. We provide compactor machines that can be installed on your site and used to compact the waste into portable compacted bales. We can also link the service to our Elsa Recovered Paper containers section for doubling their capacity. We also supply convenient-sized containers for holding loose paper waste, either stationary or roll-off. Additionally, we can also provide wheeled containers that provide you with the flexibility you need when the waste material has to be collected from different parts of your office. Contact us for more information about material handling. Waste collection should be done systematically and consistently, so that you remain fully compliant with the environmental regulations and rules.