Cardboard Waste Collection in Wigan

Cardboard Waste Collection in WiganCardboard waste collection in Wigan by Elsa Recycling is environmentally and economically a smart practice. We can help save your company money by placing a recycling dumpster on site for cardboard collection. You won’t have to pay to dispose of cardboard waste. When cardboard is recycled, it’s broken down into pulp and reused to make paper towels, cereal boxes, paperboard and more. Most products are moved over the road from manufacturer to retailer to consumer in a cardboard box. That is an unfathomable amount of cardboard waste that, if acting responsibly, should never see a landfill. You don’t have to sort the cardboard waste by weight when you have us collect your cardboard. That takes place at our purpose-built recycling centre.

The domestic use of cardboard products is so common as to go unnoticed by the user. For residents in Wigan, cardboard waste collection would include corrugated boxes, playing cards, poster board, cereal boxes, toilet paper and paper towel rollers, tissue boxes and packaging for individual products like toothpaste and bar soap. Your home recycling bin will hold a lot of cardboard products along with other paper products of all weights. Think about all the puzzle pieces, tissue dispensers and crayon boxes you have thrown out over the years. The amount is staggering. Call Elsa Recycling and put this waste back into factories of manufacturers of paper products.

The collection of all recyclable material including cardboard waste collection in Wigan is what Elsa Recycling is all about. We are likely the most well-known recycler in the UK with the greatest longevity. We have been in the business of recycling waste products for reuse in new products for over fifty years. Contact Elsa Recycling and start recycling cardboard. Ask your pizza place to use grease blockers in their pizza boxes so they stay grease free and recyclable. We want all your paper products from the reams of copy paper your business throws out every year, to newspapers and any weight cardboard. We have manufacturers at home and abroad for our recycled paper products. It’s a group effort so why not join us in this worthy environmental enterprise?