Paper Waste Collection in Tameside

Paper Waste Collection in Tameside A paper waste collection in Tameside is beneficial for the environment as the paper is collected, then sorted and then made into products that can be used again. Certainly, the main environmental benefit of recycling is reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At Elsa Recycling, we’re a family run business serving the North West. We’ve been specialising in the recycling of paper based waste for more than 5 decades, so you can imagine that there is nothing in the recycling business that we don’t know about. We’re experts and currently recycle more than 700 tonnes of paper each week. The paper we collect goes to mills in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

We know that even today, businesses are still using plenty of printed material. In Tameside, paper waste collection extends to advising our many clients on how recycling makes sense, not only environmentally but also economically. We work according to strong environmental ethics.  Recycling paper helps the environment and just one tonne of recycled paper saves the cutting down of trees and well as thousands upon thousands of litres of water. Simple steps taken to improve awareness of recycling can certainly lead to large savings for any business. At Elsa Recycling, we have a team of experts who are on hand to help you with your recycling issues. We also arrange collection to suit you, but look after the sorting and grading ourselves. This is because we want to provide a hassle free solution to you paper recycling needs.
At Elsa Recycling we know that paper waste collection in Tameside is different from company to company. It’s why we provide a no obligation site visit and we set up a recycling solution that suits your specific company. We’re happy to accept any job no matter how large or small and our fleet of dedicated vehicles is guaranteed to make every collection easy. For more information about a paper waste collection for your business, contact Elsa Recycling.  Speak to us and become known as a ‘green’ company who does their bit for the environment.