Material Handling in Oldham

Material Handling in OldhamElsa Recycling has the solution to your paper material handling in Oldham. Computers have been around for decades now but they have not fulfilled their promise to create a paperless society. At Elsa Recycling we recycle over 700 tonnes of paper each week. Much of that paper comes from offices where it is collected in secure containers and transported to our shredding facility. At no time is any of the sensitive paperwork at risk of exposure. Another large source of recyclable paper is from fast food restaurants, school and office cafeterias. We bring it all to our purpose-built facility where some is shredded and others are sorted and prepared for sale to paper mills throughout Europe and the Far East.

At Elsa Recycling we make it easy for you to recycle your paper products. We can supply our customers in Oldham material handling equipment that takes the stress out of moving waste material out of your facility. We can set you up with a trailer and forklift on site so you can easily transport your waste paper products away from your kitchen area and onto one of our trailers. When the trailer is full, Elsa Recycling will retrieve the full one and drop an empty. For offices our secure containers come in sizes to accommodate the volume of your paper waste and we schedule our pick up accordingly. When you need a file room or storage centre cleared out our secure trucks can haul it all back to our recycling centre.

Material handling in Oldham is customised to suit your company’s volume of paper generated. We at Elsa Recycling have been in business for over 50 years and we see first hand the difference recycling paper makes to our environment and our economy. We are pleased we are putting 700 tonnes of paper back into manufacturing but there is still so much more out there we are not getting. Contact Elsa Recycling and let us survey your business facility and estimate the amount of paper waste you generate each week or month or even quarterly. We can set up a secure customised collection for you. Once the waste has been recycled, you will receive a documentation as proof of compliance.