Plastic Recycling in Bolton

Plastic Recycling in BoltonWe need plastic recycling in Bolton to ensure we keep our oceans clean. This is one of the largest problems that we are facing today. The UK alone produces over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste and much of it ends up in the landfill sites or even worse, in the sea. It takes hundreds of years for plastic to decompose and even then it has hazardous side effects. The marine life, in even the remotest places on earth, is now affected with this problem. Plastic kills all types of sea creatures and most of them die slow and painful deaths.

When you need to clean up in Bolton, plastic recycling is a good place to start.  It is so easy to remedy, all you need to do is recycle all your plastic waste.  We will collect all your plastic and sort it into the different grades and send it to be made into useful products again. This ensures that we are not generating more plastic, rather, we are reusing all we have. Our vast experience in plastic recycling means we can guarantee an excellent service and cost effective rates. All plastic can be recycled so there is no excuse for anyone not to put their plastic waste to one side and dump it in a recycling recepticle.

We provide bins and skips for plastic recycling in Bolton. Contact Elsa Recycling today and arrange for one of our plastic collection units at your business. Besides plastic recycling, we also recycle paper and cardboard. We have become one of the largest recyclers in the area and we currently recycle over 700 tonnes of paper and cardboard a week.  This is a good start but with the landfills becoming full and space for new sites becoming scarce we need to do more. We also offer a confidential shredding service that removes all your confidential documents and shreds them so that they cannot fall into criminal hands and be used in identification fraud and theft. Do your part for the environment, and our oceans and start plastic recycling.