Paper Recycling in Salford

Paper Recycling in SalfordPaper recycling in Salford is perfect for all the old office documents and papers that need to be thrown out annually. After a certain number of years businesses can dispose of many old documents and papers. This is the perfect time to call in the recycling people. We are trustworthy and honest and will remove the archived documents and papers to our recycle centre. At our recycling centre we grade and sort all the paper into categories that can be used as feedstock for the mills. Post consumer waste paper is made up of old magazines and newspapers as well as old corrugated containers. Pre consumer waste is material that was formed into packaging but was never used and is essentially still clean. There is also mill broke which are scraps and trimmings that accumulate during the manufacture of paper products.

When you need to throw out waste in Salford, paper recycling is a great way to help the environment. The waste paper is mixed with water and chemicals to break it down. It is then chopped up and heated which further breaks it down into strands of cellulose. This is strained and cleaned until it is suitable to be remade into new recycled paper. We are proud to be able to clean up the environment by sending paper to be reused. This saves many trees from being felled as it is cheaper to recycle than to make paper from scratch. We are also keeping many tons of paper out of the landfill sites.

Paper recycling in Salford is essential as a business only has a limited space to store files. Contact Elsa Recycling today and arrange to have your waste paper collected. We currently recycle over 700 tonnes of paper and cardboard a week. These are sent to recycling mills in UK, Europe and the Far East. We have been recycling paper for over 50 years and have an enviable reputation for delivering tailored paper recycling solutions. Make a start with your office paper recycling and speak to the experts!