Waste Management in Carrington

Waste Management in CarringtonAre you looking for waste management in Carrington that can get you out from under the load of paper and cardboard waste at your place of business? Back in the day, when we as a nation became environmentally aware, we thought we were going to reduce our paper waste to zero. That didn’t happen and we don’t see that changing in the near future. Communications and information increased and paper use increased along with it. All’s not lost environmentally speaking because we at Elsa Recycling recycle over 700 tonnes of paper per week. Imagine what that looks like. Once the paper products are processed, we ship them to paper mills for use in the manufacture of new economical paper goods. It has been estimated that every tonne of recycled paper frees up 3 cubic yards in the landfill, saves 7000 litres of water, 4000 kw of electricity, 380 litres of oil and an amazing 17 trees.

Please forgive us, but in Carrington, waste management personnel at Elsa Recycling feel like we are saving the world one trash container at a time.  Every one of our customers plays a major role in the conservation of natural resources and promoting clean air. We know many wished they recycled more but find it a hassle. It’s one more job to do and now with the privacy acts in place your job is complicated. You are expected to protect every personal document from prying eyes. No worries. Elsa Recycling has built a state of the art facility for the destruction of documents and the processing of all paper and cardboard.

Your job of waste management in Carrington just got easier because we at Elsa Recycling have any size and secured container you need to dispose of your paper waste. Call us and let us show you how easy we can make recycling and document protection for you. We place the containers at your location, you throw the paper in them and we pick up the filled containers and truck it all back to our secure facility. Personal documents travel under lock and key and are shredded without the touch of human hands. We encourage you to become part of the solution by making Elsa Recycling your waste management company.