Recycling Centre in Bury

Recycling Centre in BuryA recycling centre in Bury is particularly appreciated by those who are concerned about the planet and the environment. Recycling is a great initiative because it helps to reduce the need for ongoing mining so as to make even more of the very products that are recycled – tins, bottles, plastic and paper. The resources needed to make these products are dwindling quickly. Recycling allows these items to be used over and over again so that new resources don’t have to be mined. Recycling is a simple, effective way in which we can all contribute towards sparing our world from ongoing abuse. At Elsa Recycling we’re experts in this business, and we recycle plastic, cardboard and paper. We want you to become involved too and we will provide collection services for your paper and plastic. We’re known for the excellent way we handle our recycling, sorting it all thoroughly and then distributing more than 700 tons each week of paper to mills in the UK and further afield for recycling.

We’re a leading paper scrap recycling company with strong environmental ethics, specializing in the recycling of paper and cardboard waste scrap. In Bury, a recycling centre takes in a lot of plastic too. The scrap materials we mostly tackle are old magazines, old newspapers, office scrap paper and telephone directories, as well as plastic containers, toys and appliances. Here at Elsa, we handle a lot of plastic – more than 500 tonnes of plastic a week – and this gets sent to the Far East where it is sorted, washed and recycled.

As a recycling centre in Bury, we’ve got good relationships with associations such as The Independent Waste Paper Processors Association, and it’s important to us to have these good relationships because our customers know that we comply with the high standards set by these associations. Whatever you need, we’re here for you and we work together with you to provide a reliable and cost effective service tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. Contact Elsa Recycling today for a recycling centre that cares about the environment as much as our clients.