Cardboard Waste in Bolton

Cardboard Waste in BoltonCardboard Waste in Bolton is recycled by Elsa Recycling in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. We are passionate about preserving the environment and every week we recycle 700 tonnes of paper. This is supplied to mills in the UK, Europe and the Far East. We are committed to assisting our customers with solutions that are cost-effective and minimise their impact on the environment. By tailoring a solution for every customer we make sure they get the service that they need. We can provide an end to end solution including collection, grading, sorting and recycling. No job is too big or too small and we can help every business with their needs.

For easy recycling in Bolton, cardboard waste, paper and plastic recycling is offered by Elsa Recycling. We also offer other services including document and data shredding, contraband shredding and material handling. We have a fleet of vehicles and will collect your waste from your premises. This is managed in such a way to ensure that we minimise our own carbon footprint. At Elsa Recycling, we put our principles into practice. Many of the materials we recycle can be used in other products. We are able to provide a full audit trail to back this up.

If you need a recycling solution Elsa Recycling Ltd can collect paper, plastic and cardboard waste in Bolton. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements. If you produce a large amount of paper and cardboard waste, we can supply you with a baling machine. These are provided on a 3 or a 5 year lease, and come with a service and maintenance plan. Alternatively, a compacter may be better suited to your requirements. We will work together with you to make sure you get the right solution at the right price. We provide clarity in our pricing and you will be clear exactly what services you are getting, and they will be tailored to your needs.  With us you can rest assured that you are getting the best service possible at a competitive price.