Recycling Centre in Skelmersdale

Recycling Centre in SkelmersdaleWith a recycling centre in Skelmersdale it is easy to recycle. For many of us recycling has become second nature. In our homes we are used to separating our rubbish at source. We think about packaging and how we can manage with less. Throwing paper in with the waste is no longer an option. In our businesses we are aware of our recycling responsibilities. At Elsa Recycling we are passionate about preserving our natural resources. For more than 50 years we have been involved in recycling and we continue to find ways to manage recycling better. We tailor make recycling solutions to suit the needs of our customers. With Elsa Recycling we don’t have a one size fits all approach. Every business is unique with unique needs. The only thing our customers share is a good customer experience.

If you need a plastic or paper recycling solution for your company in Skelmersdale, recycling centre Elsa Recycling can assist. We have a collection service that will make light work of your waste. When it comes to plastic, we can accept your soft and hard plastic as well as contaminated and uncontaminated plastic. A collection bin will be placed at your premises, into which you can place all your plastic waste. You don’t need to sort the plastic; we will do it for you. We handle the whole process, from collection to sorting to completion. If you are able to separate your plastic from other waste, we will however pass on the savings to you.

Choose Elsa Recyling, your recycling centre in Skelmersdale, for the disposal of paper, plastic, cardboard, and for confidential shredding. Call us today and speak to a friendly team member. We will answer all of your questions about recycling and will help you create the perfect recycling solution for your business. Our rates are competitive and our service is excellent. We have many satisfied customers, ranging from small businesses to local authorities to large-scale manufacturers. Every week we recycle 700 tonnes of paper. That is the equivalent of 11 900 trees! We have the capacity, passion and expertise to help you with your recycling requirements.