Material Handling in Trafford

material handling in TraffordThe great perks of dealing with Elsa Recycling is that we provide our customers with a wide number of services such as material handling in Trafford as well as recycling services. We want to make it a whole lot easier for our customers and clients to collect recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, paper waste, and cardboard. With the products that we put in place in shopping malls, factories, and businesses we are able to recycle about 700 tonnes of paper per week which we then supply to mills around UK, Europe and the Far East.

When it comes to recycling, we are experts in every aspect of the field. If you are based in Trafford, material handling is expertly done by our staff. We would be happy to sit with you and find the most suitable solutions to your recycling needs. You will also find that our products such as baling machines and compactors will help keep your workplace neat and organised. If your company produces a large amount of paper, and plastic products, you should consider a baling machine or compactor as it will reduce the amount the space required to store the huge number of waste products. Once you have compacted the recyclable products, you can stack them on top of each other, and store them until they are ready for collection to be taken to our recycling facility. This is where our staff members will proceed to sort them out before starting the recycling process. We also have wheeled containers which may be perfect for small businesses that do not require daily collections of the waste materials.

If you are interested in our products and efficient material handling in Trafford, do not hesitate to contact Elsa Recycling. We will be pleased to answer any queries that you might have, so give us a call. We aim to help customers become more eco-friendly by providing them with the facilities that encourage recycling. As such, we have put in place a complete system that is designed to be more efficient when it comes to collecting waste materials.