Recycling Centre in Stockport

recycling centre in StockportUsing a recycling centre in Stockport is an easy way to lower your carbon footprint. We are very conscious of the enormous piles of waste that go into landfill sites. Most of this waste could be recycled and therefore lessen the pollution that a landfill site causes. When you think of all the plastic and paper that is used today and how little of it is recycled, it is no wonder that we are struggling to improve the health of the earth. Our recycling centre is trying to reuse all plastic products and paper to improve the use people make of resources. Natural resources like trees are cut down in the millions where we could be lowering the number by recycling all old paper and cardboard items.

Instead of throwing away your paper and plastic waste in Stockport, recycling centres will be happy to take it all. We suggest you have a recycle bin at the office or factory and at home and start to fill it with all recyclable objects. We collect the bins or bags and take them to our yard to start the process of recycling. Firstly we need to sort the items into batches of like materials. Plastics come in different types and thicknesses and these will have different uses. Paper is sorted into used and unused batches. These are used in quite surprising ways. A lot of the paper we use in offices to print on is recycled and with a small addition of new paper pulp is indistinguishable from paper made with only new paper pulp. There is no reason to throw away 80 % of our waste. Besides foodstuff which will rot in the landfill there is very little that can be classed as waste.

Recycling centre in Stockport is very important for us all. Contact Elsa Recycling today and speak to us about our recycling centre. We can arrange to collect your recyclable waste. Your children will learn from your example and hopefully will continue your good work in trying to save the planet.