Recycling in St Helens

Recycling in St HelensFor recycling in St Helens, depend on Elsa Recycling. We serve homeowners recycling paper and plastic waste; as well as offices who are recycling even more paper, including the shredding and disposal of sensitive documents. Elsa Recycling can handle the paper, plastic and cardboard from restaurants and factories who dispose of tonnes of plastic and cardboard every year. Elsa Recycling has the equipment for any size recycling collection you need. We will place bins at your location for easy disposal. It all gets sorted and shredded at our secure recycling facility. Recycling is our business and we are good at it. We have been doing it for over fifty years. However, everyone benefits from the endeavours of Elsa Recycling. It has not been that long ago that most people and businesses stuffed all the recyclables into a trash removal truck and sent it to the landfill. We know better now.

Every year in the UK, we produce 3 million tonnes of plastic that could be headed to landfills. In St Helens, recycling will consume a lot of it. Unfortunately, much of it will end up there, anyway. The best way to keep it out of the landfill is by recycling more. We handle all grades of plastic and the customer does not even have to sort it. We drop the appropriate container for individuals and businesses to fill and then we pick them up on schedule. That massive amount of recyclables is moved to our secure recycling centre. We hope to help everyone lessen their carbon footprint and we’re having good success.  Seven hundred tonnes a week of cardboard and paper no longer go into our landfills.

With so many homes and businesses recycling in St Helens, you may wonder what Elsa Recycling does with those tonnes of paper and plastic waste. Elsa has contacts around the world in the market for cardboard to make new cardboard. The paper products go to manufactures who make new paper products and the fifty grades of plastic come back to us as new plastic products. These products made from recycled paper, plastic, and cardboard are cheaper to manufacture so we pay less for the new products. Contact Elsa Recycling if you are not recycling or could recycle more. We make it as easy as possible.