Manchester Recycling

Manchester recyclingFind out more about Manchester recycling by contacting Elsa Recycling. As a recycling company with strong environmental ethics, we understand the necessity and importance of recycling. We are experts in material handling, ensuring that your cardboard, paper and plastic waste is correctly sorted, graded and recycled. Every household and business produces scrap paper and plastic. We aim to provide a suitable and cost effective solution to all our clients to minimise their impact on the environment.

For businesses and households in Manchester, recycling is at long last becoming a desired practise. From recycling scrap paper and cardboard, to separating plastic and glass from the daily rubbish items, recycling is becoming a part of the daily routine of many. We firmly believe that we can make a difference by helping you reduce your carbon footprint. A large percentage of the paper that is used every day in places of business and in homes finds its way to landfills across the country. We live in a disposable society, where almost everything we buy can be easily replaced. Throwing things away because they are easily replaceable has led to a large and soul destroying amount of waste. This waste could be recycled, especially paper and cardboard that can then in turn be made into usable paper products.

Elsa Recycling promotes Manchester recycling. By providing an effective service in the collection, sorting and recycling of scrap paper and cardboard, we can help you in your recycling efforts. For every tonne of paper we recycle, we save the equivalent of 14 trees. Contact Elsa Recycling today if you would like to get started with recycling. We are happy to arrange a meeting to determine your recycling needs and to formulate the most suitable and cost effective plan.