Plastic Recycling in Skelmersdale

Plastic Recycling in SkelmersdalePlastic recycling in Skelmersdale makes a difference. In fact, every effort that is made to recycle plastic helps address the problem we have created. Plastic is a wonderful substance. It has so many uses and makes our lives more convenient in a hundred different ways, every day. Unfortunately it is also a major contributor to pollution. It is necessary for every one of us to play their part in addressing this issue. If every one of us recycles our plastic, the impact would begin to be felt. If every one of us refused the plastic offered to us on a daily basis, mainly in the form of packaging, we would start to see a difference. Just recently the biggest beach clean up in history took place on a beach in Mumbai. More than 500 volunteers picked up 284 tonnes of plastic and marine debris off the Versova beach. That may seem very far away from Skelmersdale, but every person on this planet needs to play their part when it comes to consuming less and recycling more. The UK produces 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year, and this ends up on our landfills. Plastic recycling has to be a priority for us all.

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