Cardboard Waste Collection in Altrincham

cardboard waste collection in AltrinchamCompanies, large or small, in need of cardboard waste collection in Altrincham look to Elsa Recycling. Lightweight but strong recycled corrugated cardboard is in high demand. It can be recycled several times and still be a strong product. Not only is recycled cardboard from packing boxes used to manufacture new packing boxes and packing materials but other products as well. Paper bags, berry baskets and disposable trash bins are a few of those products. Cardboard boxes that are between recycling rotations can serve a long time as a favorite toy for creative children. Elsa Recycling recycles more than 700 tonnes of paper and cardboard products per week. They supply mills in Europe, UK and Asia. Elsa can supply balers for your company to make space saving easier between pick-ups.

Have you ever wondered what happens after your pick-up of recyclables? For businesses and factories in Altrincham, cardboard waste collection by Elsa Recycling is delivered to their main recycling center. There, it is sorted and graded. Even cardboard that is not suitable for recycling can still be used in commercial composting enterprises. The suitable cardboard is baled and readied for shipment to Elsa’s buyers. The material is usually turned into pulp. The pulp is then turned into new cardboard sheets. Those sheets are cut into new shapes for use by a manufacturer.

Cardboard waste collection in Altrincham is cost effective and environmentally sound. It saves trees and keeps down manufacturing labour and material costs. Contact Elsa Recycling for a reliable recycler service geared specifically to your needs or to find out more about cardboard waste collection. Some need pick-up daily, weekly, monthly or one off. Elsa can accommodate your schedule and your budget. In their 54 years as an established recycler, you can count on Elsa Recycling to understand their role in providing customer service. That is why they make sure you have the equipment that works best for preparing your cardboard for collection. They collect according to your schedule and budget. Your location does not matter because Elsa has a large fleet ready to collect from any place or size of business. Elsa Recycling minimises your environmental impact in the easiest way possible for you.