Recycling Centre in Macclesfield

Recycling Centre in MacclesfieldA recycling Centre in Macclesfield, Elsa Recycling, is synonymous with environmental responsibility. One of the many reasons this recycling company is successful is they make it easy for the consumer to do the right thing. They provide the bins, containers, trucks and manpower to collect the waste that would otherwise be headed to the landfill. We don’t have to separate our plastics like some do. Elsa collects it all and does the separating themselves. We do not have to shred our own documents; Elsa has a subsidiary for that. Glass products and cardboard boxes, like everything else recyclable, ends at the Elsa Recycling. While there, it is separated, shredded if need be, sorted by kind and readied for the manufacturers market.

In Macclesfield, recycling centre is also a distribution centre. From that location, buyers of paperboard, paper, plastics and more acquire their raw materials to make new consumer products from the old. We buy those products and the recycle cycle begins again. The park benches and picnic tables we enjoy in the park began with the plastic bottle recycling container adjacent to them. Meanwhile, the tree that shades the bench and table is left to grow instead of being turned into outdoor furniture. It is an amazing process and Elsa has been at the forefront from the beginning.

Elsa’s recycling centre in Macclesfield is part of the infrastructure they began assembling over 54 years ago. For each next step and new innovation, Elsa was there ready to incorporate it into their scheme to reduce the carbon footprint left by humans on earth. Elsa supplies mills throughout Europe and the Far East from the 700 tonnes of paper and cardboard they recycle every week. The stuff you and I throw away. Every year 3 million tonnes of plastic waste from the UK alone, will not be going into our landfills. Elsa Recycling is accredited to issue PERNS so companies can meet their recycling obligations. Elsa is associated with the Road Haulage Association, The British Security Industry and the Independent Waste Paper Processors Association. Each of these organisations sets high standards by which Elsa is proud to abide.  For more information about a recycling centre, contact Elsa Recycling.