Waste Management in Manchester

Waste Management in ManchesterWaste management in Manchester is essential to reduce our carbon footprint. By recycling paper and cardboard we are saving millions of trees a year from being cut down and used to make paper. Elsa Recycling is a family run business with 3 generations and 54 years of experience. They currently send over 700 tonnes of recycled paper per week to mills in the U.K., Europe and the Far East. We should all be recycling our waste paper as it cuts down on space used in the land fill sites. The helpful staff at Elsa Recycling will arrange collections with you. Small or large they collect all they can. Scrap paper is not only made up of used paper but also pieces of offcuts from the paper mills and unused paper packaging that is recycled before it is used. Your paper is sorted and graded after collection before being sent for recycling.

In Manchester, waste management also recycles plastic. There is over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste generated in the UK and most of this ends up in the land fill sites. Many grades and sizes of plastic can be collected together. For large industries Elsa Recycling can collect bales of plastic daily, weekly or monthly depending on your needs. For smaller amounts of plastic there can be collection bins provided for your premises so that you can dispose of any plastic from your business safely and efficiently. This can be collected as often as necessary. All plastic can be recycled and as there are 7 major types of plastic and Elsa Recycling can separate it.

Waste management in Manchester also offers secure document shredding where you have bags to pack the confidential documents. They are collected by securely vetted staff. The vans and trucks transporting the confidential documents are tracked from pick up point to the yard. They are sent into the machines in the bags and no-one sees them. The waste is then sent for recycling. Do your best to help cut down your carbon footprint. For more information about effective waste management, contact Elsa Recycling.