Plastic Recycling in Manchester

Plastic Recycling in Manchester Plastic recycling in Manchester benefits the area because waste plastic is recovered and reprocessed into useful products. Plastic is a non-biodegradable product so recycling it is a sterling effort to reduce plastic waste. We’ve all seen the terrible effects of plastic pollution and how innocent animals and marine creatures suffer because of it. The UK alone produces 3 million tonnes of plastic waste which inevitably lands up in landfills. Elsa Plastic Recycling is the specialist division of Elsa Recycling Group, and they offer their excellent plastic recycling solutions to different businesses. Elsa have forged links with plastic re-processors so that they can offer a cost effective plastic recycling service. They are an accredited plastic recycler who supply PERN’s to customers enabling them to meet their recycling obligations.

In Manchester, plastic recycling is done in a professional manner, because Elsa Recycling, with their vast experience, are the plastic recycler of choice. They offer a collection service together with cost effective rates. The expertise of Elsa Recycling knows no end and their knowledge and experience extend from small scale mixed plastics to fully baled industrial plastic recycling. They offer the full house of services – collection and sorting and supplying their clients with recycling bins. They have different size collection vehicles which take care of regular collections.

Plastic recycling in Manchester is done thoroughly by the efficient Elsa Recycling Group, who separate recyclable plastics at their Materials Recycling Centre, making up quality high-density bales of recycled plastic. Elsa Recycling is a family run business in Greater Manchester and have been serving the North West for more than 5 decades. With their strong environmental ethics, they want to  play a vital role in making sure that plastic makes the least negative impact on the environment. For more about plastic recycling, contact Elsa Recycling.