Handling Cardboard Waste Collection in Deeside

Handling Cardboard Waste Collection in DeesideIf you are environmentally-conscious and you are looking for cardboard waste collection in Deeside, then we at Elsa Recycling Group will be more than happy to assist you. The making of cardboard boxes requires a lot of trees and unfortunately, there are not many people who are conscious about deforestation and the serious issues that it entails. We undertake it as our duty to collect and recycle the large amounts of used cardboard boxes, papers and other paper products. Once they are recycled, they are made into tissue papers, paper which can be used again, and so cutting down the pace of deforestation.

In Deeside, cardboard waste collection is a service offered by us. One of the facilities that we provide our clients with is the baling machines which can be quite handy when collecting large amounts of cardboard boxes. They are quite useful since the materials are compressed and conformed to a particular shape, thus making space for more materials. However, for companies that deal with much larger quantities of cardboard boxes, we can provide them with a compactor which will remain on site. Both these machines are equipped to handle very large amounts of cardboard waste. It makes sense to get this equipment if your company produces a lot of cardboard boxes which are then thrown away. The compacting equipment is perfect for the environment, they can help in optimising space and they most definitely provide an easy way for us to collect the materials once they are compressed and wrapped in stackable shapes.

At Elsa Recycling Group, we make cardboard waste collection in Deeside very easy. We have a group of experts ready to come and help you with your recycling needs. Unlike many companies, we understand that your recycling may be unique and we will work together with you to come up with sustainable solutions. Our service is hassle-free, we normally do the necessary sorting and grading ourselves. We are more than happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and find the right solution. Contact Elsa Recycling Group for more information about cardboard waste collection in Deeside.