Conscientious Plastic Recycling Companies in Oldham

Plastic Recycling Companies in OldhamElsa Recycling is one of the plastic recycling companies in Oldham conscientious about their carbon footprint.For that reason, we completely recycle all plastics with most being remanufactured into useful products. We even minimise the fuel use of our trucks by tracking and if necessary rerouting them so we can stay on schedule and still conserve fuel. Routes are carefully planned for the same reason. We abide by the standards set by the road haulage association (RHA). We have 54 years of experience behind us and the best of today’s technology working for us. Protecting our environment and natural resources is an essential part of Elsa Recycling.

In Oldham, plastic recycling companies were regarded as unnecessary some years back. Few can remember those days when most of products did not contain some level of plastic. Plastic relieved the world’s dependence on nature and during the last 50 years, we have been saturated with affordable plastic products. It did not take long to realise the products needed to be recycled to protect the environment. Elsa Recycling developed a specialised section just for handling plastic recyclables. Today, they have connected to remanufacturers of plastic products in the Far East so there are outlets for the plastics they collect.

Elsa Recycling, among the plastic recycling companies in Oldham, is the choice of local authorities and large well-known companies. Our clients receive collection service that includes small scale to large industrial recycling. We do the sorting of more than 50 different plastics for our customers into seven categories. Elsa Recycling can do that because, unlike other recycling companies, we have a state of art facility with the capability of automated sorting. We can place recycling bins at your company and schedule regular pickups. For larger and industrial companies we have the vehicles for regular collection of bales. Plastics have changed our product world with light flexible materials useful to all industries. It had one drawback and Elsa Recycling has turned the negative into a positive. We keep the disposable plastics from our landfills and provide it as raw material to remanufacturers. We protect the environment, provides jobs and enable the manufacture of affordable products for the world. For more information on plastic recycling companies, contact Elsa Recycling.