Efficient Plastic Recycling Companies in Trafford

Efficient Plastic Recycling Companies in Trafford Plastic recycling companies in Trafford are well aware that there are many different types of plastic and that the UK alone produces more than 100 million tons of waste every year of which a massive proportion of this is plastic. In the 21st century we are producing 20x more plastic today than we did 50 years ago, with plastic bags taking more than 100 years to decompose. Elsa Plastic Recycling is a specialist division of Elsa Recycling Group, and with a decade of plastic recycling experience behind them, they are able to handle most grades of soft- and hard plastic.

In Trafford, plastic recycling companies are well connected with all the right people to ensure efficiency and Elsa Recycling has forged links with plastic re-processors so that they can provide cost effective plastic recycling services. As Elsa is an accredited plastic recycler, they are able to supply PERN’s to their customers so that they can meet their recycling obligations throughout the year. They don’t expect their customers to be inconvenienced, and they offer a collection service which is cost effective, handling a wide range of plastics, from collection and sorting to completion.

Plastic recycling companies in Trafford are sought after by their customers simply because they are affordable, thorough and they make the entire process smooth and effortless. When it comes to plastic recycling, Elsa are all about service excellence. They also provide recycling bins to their customers, and with their wide range of collection vehicles, they handle small and large loads equally efficiently. They plan their routes too so that their journeys are efficient so as to minimise their carbon footprint. The Elsa Recycling Group don’t just collect plastic, they separate recyclable plastics from waste packaging and other materials at their Materials Recycling Centre. They then get this recycled plastic into high density bales of recycled plastic. For more information about the best plastic recycling companies in Trafford, contact Elsa Recycling.