Recycling Plastic in Bolton

Recycling Plastic in BoltonRecycling plastic in Bolton is of immense benefit to the city heath wise and environmentally. Not only does it improve the health condition of the residents, it helps in the climate condition and general cleanliness of the city. The UK currently produces three million tonnes of plastic waste, the majority of which is destined for landfills. The environmental impact of plastic waste is massive and one of the most immediate and best ways to reduce this impact is to recycle. Elsa Recycling Limited is a specialist division of Elsa Recycling Group. They are a recycling group that recycles plastic, cardboard and paper waste collection throughout the North West. They also engage in confidential paper shredding. Elsa Recycling recycles over seven hundred tonnes of cardboard per week and supplies mills in the UK, Europe and Far East.

In Bolton, recycling plastic should not be a daunting task as Elsa Recycling is just a call away. Their aim, as experts in the collection, sorting and grading of recovered cardboard, is to help their customers effectively process recovered cardboard. Services offered by Elsa Recycling include cardboard recycling, paper recycling, plastic recycling, contraband shredding and material handling. They have been recycling plastic for over a decade and are perfectly placed to deliver an effective plastic recycling solution to your business as they have built a logistics network and infrastructure that means they can handle most grades of soft and hard plastic, contaminated and uncontaminated and can arrange convenient collection for you. Elsa Recycling has forged links with plastic re-processors so that they can provide a cost effective plastic recycling service.

To aid recycling plastic in Bolton, Elsa Recycling provides recycling bins that can be located in your premises. Sorting of plastic by the customers do not need to be done as they are capable of handling any grade. In the years of their recycling plastics, they have made significant investment in state of the art plant, machinery and process to recycle up to fifty different classes of plastic. They are licensed by the British Security Industry Association and Independent Waste Paper Processors Association. For more information about recycling plastic, contact Elsa Recycling.