Lessen Your Carbon Footprint with Plastic Recycling in Winsford

Plastic Recycling in WinsfordPlastic is a huge pollution problem and when it comes to plastic recycling in Winsford, the Elsa Recycling Group are experts in being a part of the sorting out of the 3 million tonnes of plastic waste produced by the UK. As accredited plastic recyclers, they are very aware of the sickening environmental impact of plastic waste. Their mission is to reduce this impact by providing an excellent recycling business. Elsa Plastic Recycling is their specialised division of Elsa Recycling Group, which has been operating for a good number of years.  With their awesome logistics network and infrastructure, the very competent team of Elsa Recycling can handle most grades of soft and hard plastic.

In Winsford, plastic recycling of all kinds is expertly handled by Elsa Recycling. This recycling group is affiliated with plastic re-processors so that they are able to offer a cost effective plastic recycling service. They have established themselves as leaders in the industry and are able to supply PERNs to their customers so as to meet all recycling obligations. They don’t expect their customers to deliver the plastic, they offer a collection and processing service for plastic. Their expertise enables the skilled team to take on small scale mixed plastics to fully baled industrial plastic recycling, they simply handle everything.

With plastic recycling in Winsford you get the whole deal. Collection and sorting right to completion. The Elsa Recycling Group are able to also provide sturdy recycling bins for your premises, and you don’t even need to sort the plastic. They handle any grade, and with their range of collection vehicles – from vans to articulated trucks – they handle small and large loads with the greatest of ease. This able team already handle plastic recycling for many big name clients and they are waiting to hear from you too. For an exceptional service for all plastic recycling, contact Elsa Recycling.