Plastic Recycling in Irlam

Plastic Recycling in IrlamWhen your company has more than 50 tonnes a year of plastic recycling in Irlam, you have a recovery and recycling duty to meet. The Packaging Waste Recovery Note (PRN) or Packaging Waste Export Recovery Note (PERN) is the certificate that proves you are in compliance with the regulation. Elsa Recycling Ltd is the oldest and best-known name in recycling. Elsa Recycling Group originated 54 years ago with the recognition that we need to protect our trees and environment. Cardboard, paper and plastics that Elsa recycles are turned back into useful products whenever possible.

In Irlam, plastic recycling with Elsa means dealing with a dedicated division of Elsa Recycling. They have spent the last ten years developing and improving the specifics of their plastic recycling service. Businesses may contract with Elsa for scheduled pick up of most all the 50 different types of plastic. They now have a sorting facility so you no longer need to sort grades of plastics or clean any of it. Elsa is an accredited plastic recycler so when they pick up the plastic your business is issued a PRN or PERN note so you have proof of compliance. Another excellent move that Elsa Recycling made is building a cooperative network in the Far East with plastic reprocessors. That helps keep costs down for clients. Elsa Recycling has contracted with business large and small including local authorities and large manufacturers.

Plastic recycling in Irlam is not relegated to large concerns needing PRN or PERN. Every small business, housing complex and individual in the UK can do their part to make a dent in the 3 million tonnes of plastic destined for landfills by recycling. Elsa Recycling provides curb side containers for recyclable plastic. No sorting necessary. Keep the containers handy in your home to toss the plastic bottles, packageing and wraps that all families accumulate each week. On the agreed day set it by the curb and Elsa will empty it for you. Don’t forget to check for old or broken toys and other unused household products as well. They have invested in the facilities, technologies and equipment that makes recycling plastic easy for all of us. So contact Elsa Recycling for your plastic recycling needs.