Cardboard Waste Collection in Salford

Cardboard Waste Collection in Salfordord ParkIf you are looking for cardboard waste collection in Salford, Elsa Recycling Ltd is the company you are looking for. Cardboard can be recycled if it’s not wet or contaminated with oil or food. If you have cardboard that needs recycling, then don’t fret, Elsa Recycling Ltd handles 700 tonnes of paper a week and there’s still room for more. Elsa offers a very cheap way to recycle your cardboard, helping you stay on top of your environmental protection targets at a low cost. The recycled paper is then sent out to mills across the UK, Europe and Asia.

In Salford, cardboard waste collection is handled by the experts of Elsa. The company works around your needs, and you’ll be able to communicate with their teams so you can find the ideal solution for you. With the goal of providing hassle free paper recycling, Elsa has its own fleet of vehicles ready to collect your cardboard waste. But why trust this company? Well, it’s been in the business for over half a century providing customers with specially tailored solutions to their recycling and paper waste disposal needs. You can even visit the site, see what they’re made off and choose the right equipment for the job with the help of their team of experts. After all, there are no two firms with the same recycling needs.

Cardboard waste collection in Salford is a hassle-free affair for any company interested thanks to Elsa Recycling Ltd. Their collection teams will sort, grade, collect and recycle your cardboard, and they have a firm belief that the size of the order shouldn’t be an issue. The company is set up in a way that allows it to take on any order, whether it’s large or small. But that’s not all, Elsa and its partners also offer plastic recycling, document and data shredding, specialist shredding and contraband shredding services. Contact Elsa Recycling Ltd now to find out more!