Plastic Recycling in Oldham

Plastic Recycling in OldhamIn today’s fast paced and hectic lifestyle, most of us aren’t too concerned about plastic recycling in Oldham. When we think about recycling, we often assume that it is something someone in a recycling factory out there is doing for us. As a result, we often fail to realise the importance of recycling our plastic waste.

In Oldham, plastic recycling company Elsa Recyling Ltd cite the following reasons for recycling plastics. Firstly, they state that the need for recycling is ever increasing. This is because the use of plastics has grown and much of it becomes a part of municipal solid waste. In 1960, plastic comprised just 1% of our waste. Today that figure has grown to 14%! Secondly, recycling plastics can save our natural resources and conserve energy. In order to create new plastic, a large amount of natural resources and energy is utilised. According to statistics put forth by the American Plastics Council, 4% of US energy and 70% of natural is used to produce plastic. Thirdly, recycling plastics frees up landfill space. Reusing plastic in creating new products is much easier than tossing it into our landfills. Plastics take nearly 100 years to decompose. One ton of this material can save up to 7.4 cubic yards of precious landfill space. Another reason why Elsa Recycling Ltd. recommends plastic recycling is that it is fairly easy. You can easily keep a separate bin to split your plastic waste from organic waste. There are municipal recycling programs with drop off sites where you can take your plastic heap. With everything said and done, there is still a lot of room for growth and improvement when it comes to plastic recycling.

If you have decided to actively participate in plastic recycling in Oldham, then contact Elsa Recycling Ltd. today. Not only will you save the environment from plastic waste, but you will also be a shining example to your friends, family members and neighbours who may soon follow in your footsteps. Contact Elsa Recycling and do your bit.