Paper Waste Collection in Bury

Paper Waste Collection in BuryThe last few years have seen a dramatic rise in paper waste collection in Bury. This is because paper can be recycled into useful products saving many resources and avoiding pollution. Can you believe that almost 324 liters water is used to produce 1kg of paper. China cuts down 10 000 trees every year to make holiday cards. By recycling 54 kg of paper, you can save one tree. A few of these facts may seem enough to make you think about how many natural resources can be saved by merely recycling the paper waste that you have in your house or office. A recycling company collecting paper waste is doing their bit towards a greener planet.

In Bury, paper waste collection services provided by Elsa Recycling can easily be designated as professional, wholesome and efficient. It is a family run business of three generations spanning over 54 years and is now one of the biggest and the oldest recycling service in the region. It can recycle around 700 tonnes of paper every week. The paper waste collected from your doorstep is sent to various paper mills in the country, Europe and Far East. Elsa Recycling collects all sorts of paper waste, including the wastage that is left in paper mills and whatever the consumer has used and recycles it for you.

What makes Elsa Recycling paper waste collection in Bury unique is their understanding of business needs of every company. Elsa Recycling is not limited to paper waste recycling. They also recycle plastic bottles and cardboard boxes. If your company is producing a lot of scrap paper or other similar waste, you can lease a bailing machine or a compactor from them in order to compress all the wastage and keep you site tidy and uncluttered. Contact Elsa Recycling if you would like to know more about paper waste collection in your area.