Cardboard Waste Collection in Trafford Park

Cardboard Waste Collection in Trafford ParkLooking for services that offer cardboard waste collection in Trafford Park? If you work in an educational institution, library, retail site, manufacturing unit, office or packaging unit, you may find that the amount of cardboard waste generated poses quite a challenge. Though paper and cardboard are the simplest and easiest types of materials to recycle, it is not easy to manage the logistics of storing them, sorting out the different grades and getting them delivered to the recycling centre. Many city and municipal councils have designated collection days for different types of refuse and if the volumes are small, as in a household or small office, this may not be an issue. Households generally have cereal or toothpaste boxes, egg-boxes, ready-meal cartons, toilet roll tubes, greeting-cards, tetra-pack cartons. These have to be put out in the designated trash bags on the right days. You may have to remove plastic wrapping and sticky-tape and wash out the tetra-packs before collection. However, when you have large amounts of cardboard waste, consisting of large cartons, boxes and bulky packaging material, you do need a professional recycling company to assist you in dealing responsibly with it.

In Trafford Park, cardboard waste collection services may be offered as part of a recycling process that the company is engaged in. Reputable and well-established firms like Elsa Recycling Group ensure that they maintain compliances with relevant bodies and trade associations like the Road Haulage Association, security agencies and waste paper processing associations. This ensures that their business practices are modern, eco-friendly and comply with necessary government regulations. Confidential material should be destroyed according to the client’s requirements and in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Different types of vehicles are available for cardboard waste collection in Trafford Park. Depending on the volume and weight, you can select the right type of vehicle to collect your cardboard waste from your facility. It is taken to the company’s resource recovery site where it is screened, sorted, graded, decontaminated and baled. From here it is sent to recycling companies where it is processed into fresh new boxes or cardboard products. Contact Elsa Recycling for more information about the collection of cardboard waste.