Cardboard Waste Collection in Macclesfield

Cardboard Waste Collection in MacclesfieldAre you looking for an economical and efficient cardboard waste collection in MacclesfieldAre you a grocery store receiving boxes of goods on a daily basis?  Perhaps you feel a twinge of conscience when you throw away the empty cardboard boxes after unpacking the goods for your store.  Rightly so as nearly 70 tonnes end up in the garbage collection when a good portion of it could be recycled and re-used.  What should you do about your excess cardboard waste?

In Macclesfield, for cardboard waste collection, contact Elsa Recycling Group.  As one of the leaders in recycling in the area, they will know precisely what to do about your cardboard waste. As a reputable waste paper and cardboard collection service, they have more than five decades experience in this field and they pride themselves on recovering almost 70 % of commercially shipped cardboard.  They will collect the cardboard waste from your premises, on a day and time which best suits you.  After removing it, it is transferred to their center where it is sorted and graded.  The process works like this:  first the cardboard waste is re-pulped and its fibers are separated and then they are bleached.  The fibers will be rewashed if there is any ink that remains.  The fibers are then pressed and then rolled out into sheets of paper.  Different sizes are cut and stored accordingly.  Other recycled products are also made from the washed and bleached fibers.

Cardboard waste collection in Macclesfield is the way to go if you are concerned about doing your bit for the environment.  It makes sense – why just throw away the cardboard waste when it can be collected from your premises, recycled and re-used.  Regardless of the quantity of cardboard waste you might have, Elsa Recycling Group will gladly remove it for you.  They will also collect the cardboard waste from your premises, no matter the location.  Contact Elsa Recycling Group today to find out how their cardboard waste collection services can benefit you as a business, and assist you to do your bit for the environment.