Where can you find Cardboard Waste Collection in Warrington?

Cardboard Waste Collection in WarringtonAs a new business owner, you will probably want to opt for cardboard waste collection for your Warrington business. Nearly 71 million tonnes of paper products end up in our municipal garbage system — you have to do your bit, right? Although more and more people are starting to implement recycling programmes, if you look at the previous figure in numbers, that’s approximately 334 pounds of paper waste per person for a population the size of United States. The good news is that you can avoid adding to the garbage by calling a waste collection service.

In Warrington, Elsa Recycling is a reputable cardboard waste collection service. They have more than five decades of experience with recycling paper and cardboard. As an expert recycling center, they pride themselves on recovering up to 70% of commercially-shipped cardboard. After collecting the cardboard, it is brought to their center, it is sorted, graded, and recycled. First, it is re-pulped and its fibers are separated, then bleached. This involves the use of chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate and hydrogen peroxide. To eliminate the presence of contaminants, the fibres are further screened and then cleaned. If any leftover ink remains, the fibers are put through more washing. Then it is pressed and rolled out into paper. The paper is accumulated into rolls and then converted into different sized boxes. It may also be converted into other paper products. If you are interested in observing the entire process yourself, the folks at Elsa Recycling will be happy to offer you a site visit. Don’t worry about how big or small your recycling quantity may be. Nor should you be concerned about your location. The company has a dedicated fleet of vehicles that will come and collect the materials from your site, regardless of quantity or location.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced cardboard waste collection in Warrington company, then contact Elsa Recycling today. They also specialise in plastic and paper recycling, as well as document, data, and contraband shredding.