The Benefits of Cardboard Waste Service Bolton

Cardboard Waste Service Bolton Do you feel saddened throwing away cardboard and think that hiring a cardboard waste service Bolton might be a good idea? You are actually right. There are plenty of benefits associated with the recycling of cardboard materials. Did you know that when cardboards are sent into landfills, they release methane, which has a global warming capacity 21 times more powerful than that of carbon dioxide? Cardboard, which is used mostly in packaging, is quite easy to recycle. It can be recycled a couple of times (up to 8 times!) and they are often remade into different kinds of paper products.

If you want to be an active agent against global warming, start by hiring a Bolton cardboard waste service. One of our clients recently asked us the benefits associated with the recycling of cardboard. To start with, cardboard is one of the easiest items to recycle and by doing so, you are helping to conserve energy. Recycling products uses less energy than the creation of new products. Secondly, since cardboard can quicken global warming, the best way to slow the process is by using recycled products. Thirdly, recycled products often cost much less than new products. Our company, Elsa Recycling Group, is deeply involved in making the world a little bit better every day by providing their services, collection and the recycling of different paper, plastic or tin products. Their many projects include providing collection facilities to different organisations and companies. If you want to join the eco-saving band-wagon, you are more than welcome to have a look at our website and learn more about our services.

We can be regarded as a well-known cardboard waste service in Bolton and we would be happy to facilitate the collection of recyclable materials. We have been in the recycling business for over 54 years now and every week, we recycle approximately 700 tonnes of paper. We are a team of experts dedicated to help various organisations in the efforts to create a greener world. We will collect the recyclables, sort and grade them before we recycle. We do try to make the process as hassle-free as possible. For more details, you can call us on 0161 432 3934.