Plastic Recycling in Burnley

Plastic Recycling in BurnleyWe were recently contacted by a customer who was looking for plastic recycling in Burnley, on a bulk scale. Their business had excess plastic on site, and they knew how laborious it could be processing it all themselves and complying with current legislation. That’s one of the reasons they called Elsa Recycling Ltd. We’ve been providing a wide range of cost effective recycling and waste disposal solutions to companies across the north west for over ten years. With our wealth of experience, we offer a truly bespoke service that’s designed to meet the customer’s exact needs, however big or small they are.

The need for Burnley plastic recycling has never been greater. There is over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste created in the United Kingdom every year, and with the manufacturing industry starting to pick up again, that figure is only going to grow. Unfortunately, at present most of that material ends up on land fill sites, but that’s not a solution that can be tenable for much longer. We’ve all seen the effects of climate change, but by recycling as much of your waste plastic as possible you can go a long way to reduce your carbon footprint. Studies show that consumers like businesses who take green issues seriously, so by recycling you’re not only helping the environment, you’re helping your reputation as well.

When you take advantage of our expert service for plastic recycling in Burnley, you can leave the paperwork to us as well. As officially accredited plastic recyclers, we’ll provide you with PERNS that show how you’ve met the stringent plastic control and recycling requirements. It doesn’t matter what kind of plastic you have on your premises, because we can deal with it all, from mixed plastics to baled industrial plastic. Sorting through plastic can be a very time consuming process, so why not let us do it for you? We have the latest sorting and processing equipment, to make the job easy. That means we can save you both time and money. Whether you want to recycle plastic, paper, or cardboard, give our team a call today.