Plastic Recycling in Chester

Plastic Recycling in Chester.Have you ever wondered where your plastic recycling in Chester really ends up? It is rumored that we are recycling more than we can use. We are such avid consumers. If our purchase is not made of plastic then probably the packaging is. Most likely both product and packaging is made primarily of plastic. Plastic, derived from oil and natural gas by products, is not biodegradable. Some would have you believe that “green” plastic made from plant sources is biodegradable. It is just not true. None of it biodegrades. We will eventually bury ourselves under plastic if we continue to manufacture and use it unless we make the effort to reuse it.

Recycling plastic in Chester is the best solution. I heard that only one plastic water bottle in six makes it to the recycler. The other five are still out there. Elsa Recycling is the total solution. Not only do they pick up the plastic, they have an outlet for it in China. There, other products are manufactured from the cleaned and recycled material. It is not stacked up on a barge somewhere in a river waiting for a plot at the landfill. There are no rules to memorise for plastic recycling. Elsa Recycling will take all of the fifty types of plastic in the seven major categories. They have invested extensively in sorting equipment for their facility.

Plastic recycling in Chester is as easy as dropping the plastic bottle into a recycling bin provided by Elsa Recycling. When you clean out your car, stuff all the empty drink bottles into your plastic bag and toss it into your recycling bin instead of the waste container in a parking lot. You might need more than one recycling bin at your house and that is okay. Elsa Recycling will see that you have as many as your family can fill up. To me, the best part is the material is actually going to be recycled into another product. It gets better! You can use those same Elsa Recycling bins to toss your paper, cans and cardboard into right along with the plastic for recycling. It does not get any easier than that.