Plastic Recycling Service in Bolton

plastic recycling in BoltonChoose Elsa Recycling’s plastic recycling service in Bolton and save yourself the need to separate your plastics into categories. Toss all of your plastics together into the same recycling bin. It turns out most of us did not like separating our recyclable plastics so many of us just chose not to recycle. It was so confusing. We had to have a reference list handy to determine if plastic water bottles could be grouped with Pepsi bottles and can the baby’s old pacifiers go with the water bottles or not? What about plastic meat wrapping? Do we recycle it or not? It is not surprising that good intentioned people gave up.

When we separated our plastics ourselves in Bolton, the plastic recycling service was less costly because it saved some work for the recycling companies who may not have had a ready market for the used plastics. Of course, the lower cost did not matter if not enough people were recycling to keep the recycling companies in business. One industry leader, Elsa Recycling, has been in business for 54 years so you know they have seen innovations come on to the scene and have chosen to implement the good ones. They built their own sorting facilities to sort the various recyclable plastics. You can mix all your plastics together for them to pick up. They also secured ready customers to purchase their plastics and repurpose them into wood composite products, carpeting and even fleece jackets. The result is many more people recycling because the job is now easier.

Contracting with Elsa Recycling for a plastic recycling service in Bolton is an environmentally responsible step. Their reputation in the industry grows as they have endeavored to reduce the amount of all types of recyclables in landfills. Elsa Recycling has divisions that handle cardboard recycling and paper shredding for recycling as well as plastics. As a customer of Elsa Recycling, you become an important partner in saving the trees, land and waterways from destruction and contamination. At the same time, you are helping to provide raw materials for use by others to manufacture and sell new products all over the world. You will be doing your part to care for the earth and keep the economy moving. Contact Elsa Recycling today.