How to go about Plastic Recycling in Trafford Park.

How to go about Plastic Recycling in Trafford Park.Elsa Plastic Recycling is your go to place for plastic recycling in Trafford Park. Elsa Plastic Recycling is a part of the Elsa Recycling Group, which was established 54 years ago. Their aim is to assist in reducing the carbon footprint and the protection of the environment by fully recycling all materials, many of which can be turned into new and reusable items.

Trafford Park plastic recycling is something that is very necessary as choosing not to recycle can result in a massively negative impact on the environment. The UK alone produces over 3 million tonnes of used plastic material which will most likely end up at landfill sites instead of being recycled. If you live in Trafford Park and want to do your part for the environment by recycling your plastic goods, it is a good idea to know which items can and can’t be recycled. While almost all plastic can be recycled, the following plastics cannot:

  • Plastic grocery bags

They tend to get caught up in machinery and could end up damaging recycling equipment. One way to decrease the use of plastic bags is to reuse your old ones, or to invest in material shopping bags that can be used with each shopping trip.

  • Bottle caps.

While plastic bottles are perfectly recyclable, make sure you remove all of the caps before sending them to be recycled. This is due to the fact that these caps are often made of polypropylene which cannot be recycled.

  • Styrofoam.

Styrofoam in any form-cups, containers etc., should be limited in use as it cannot be recycled.

Whether you are looking at plastic recycling in Trafford Park on a large or a small scale, Elsa Plastic Recycling provides the best prices and rates. Elsa handles every step of the recycling process for you- from collecting your plastics to sorting them. They also supply bins which can be used for all plastics as Elsa will sort them for you, meaning you don’t need various different bins for each kind of plastic item. If you’re looking for the best company to assist you in playing your part in reducing waste, Elsa Recycling Group is the company to use.