Plastic Recycling Service Manchester



For Plastic recycling Service Manchester speak to the leader in shredding for the North West: Elsa Recycling Group Ltd. Established over 50 years ago, they are at the forefront of the shredding industry; offering a wide range of recycling options that include the successful recycling of paper waste.

They carry out a great deal of jobs in Manchester for a range of businesses who need fast, effective plastic recycling. As a company, Elsa Recycling manage the expectations of many big name clients that include local authorities and large-scale manufacturers who appreciate the no-nonsense attitude, effective planning and cost-effective solutions they provide their customers with.

Elsa Recycling Ltd offer a plastic recycling service Manchester that offers an excellent collection service; able to handle any type of recycling -large or small-that the professional team at Elsa collect, sort and distribute to their network of Far East re-processors. With minimal disruption to your business, they guarantee a smooth transition which effectively deals with your plastic waste without falling foul of the environmental issues that can arise if plastic is not recycled.