Paper Recycling Service in St Helens

Paper Recycling Service in St HelensOur clients often wonder why they should hire us for a paper recycling service in St Helens when they could simply throw the large stacks of paper away without thinking twice. However, if you are a green person and you realise the huge and negative impacts of paper production on the environment, you will end up saving every used and unused paper to recycle.

In St Helens, paper recycling service is the right choice. Only 12% of the UK is covered in forests and it takes about 24 trees to produce at least 1 ton of paper. On average, a person goes through 38kg of newspaper annually and 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used per year. And since newspaper and cardboards lose their value within the next day or week -people read/use them and then throw them away (unless you are an extreme hoarder!)- it makes sense that recycling should be the correct way to avoid the cutting down of trees for the production of new pristine paper. Did you know that recycled paper creates 73% less pollution compared to when they are produced from raw materials? As a conscientious company in a “throw-away world”, Elsa Recycling Group comes in as a saviour hoping to reduce pollution, the wise use of paper and other products while making sure that the environment is safe. The recycling group is one of the leaders when it comes to paper recycling in England, they recycle at least 700 tonnes of paper every week and they are a reliable and professional company making sure to provide very affordable services to their clients so that they can minimise the negative impacts of paper use on the environment.

The paper recycling service in St Helens is a hassle-free service provided by the Elsa Recycling Group. Once they collect the papers, they will send it to be sorted out and if the papers are confidential, security consoles will be provided to make sure the papers are transported safely to the destroying facility. Once this has been covered, the scrap paper will be sent to different paper mills in the UK. For more enquiries, give them a call now and see how they can help you contribute to a better and healthier environment.