Paper Recycling in Salford, Essential to Helping Our Environment

Paper Recycling in SalfordContribute to environmental safety with reliable and efficient paper recycling in Salford. Our company, Elsa Recycling offers a comprehensive range of recycling solutions. Turn your waste plastic, cardboard and paper trash into material that can be re-purposed and re-used. We have more than half a century’s experience in paper recycling. Our company has been delivering customised options for all your paper waste handling requirements. We connect with mills throughout the UK, Europe and the Far East by supplying them with graded and sorted paper that they can recycle into fresh new products.

As with other places across the globe, in Salford, paper recycling is a crucial part of protecting our planet. According to statistics, the UK uses nearly 12 million tonnes of paper every year. However, more than 60% of paper and cardboard that are used are recycled products. This means that we can put policies into place that will keep the coming generations safer. Recycling helps to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and enables us to live a more meaningful and mindful life. Paper is made from trees that produce life-sustaining oxygen. This means that paper mills don’t have to use wood that has been sourced from freshly cut trees. Apart from this, manufacturing new materials is also more expensive, and requires the use of transportation, labour and scarce resources. It takes 70% less energy and water to recycle paper compared to manufacturing fresh paper. Recycling significantly reduces pollution and smog from paper mills.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a hassle-free paper recycling in Salford. Our team of professionals has the necessary qualifications and experience to provide you with a tailor made solution. Our family-run business is presently owned by the third generation of the family, and we’re proud to know that most of our business comes to us via recommendations from satisfied clients. Contact Elsa Recycling for more information about our paper recycling services. We also specialise in confidential document shredding and secure disposal. This helps you to safeguard your personal data and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. We offer a no-obligations, free quote so that we can understand your requirements and offer the right solution.